Cdl. Sarah: power of silence

“It is the path that enables human beings to go to God”

ROME ( – Cardinal Robert Sarah, the Vatican’s chief liturgist, is seeking to restore a sense of the sacred in public worship by first restoring a sense of silence in the hearts of the faithful.

In a recent interview with the French paper La Nef, Cdl. Sarah, focused on silence as the key to understanding lay participation at Mass and how it’s been replaced by banal noise. “Under the pretext of making access to God easy,” he commented, “some wanted everything in the liturgy to be immediately intelligible, rational, horizontal and human. But in acting that way, we run the risk of reducing the sacred mystery to good feelings.”

The prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship asked pastors if they were “afraid that silence … might disconcert the faithful” or if they thought “the Holy Spirit is incapable of opening hearts.”


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