A Letter from a Seminarian

Many of us feel that the direction and emphases of this current pontificate are fundamentally misguided and can be summed up in a word: worldliness. Whether this is actually the intention of the pontiff or not, it is hard to deny that there is a huge effort on part of the Vatican to search the things that are below, and not vice versa, from pandering to the leftist presses of Europe and North America to inviting those with categorically anti-Catholic agendas to give speeches and conferences at the Holy See, and on and on.”

Hvor er jeg taknemmelig for at jeg har gennemført min præsteuddannelse i en anden tidsånd end den som mange præstestuderende i kirken nu til dags bliver udsat for.

Læs her en præstestuderendes hjertets udgydelse som er præget af sjælekval og samvittigheds kamp.

Bed for ham og vores nuværende seminarister. I never want to walk in their shoes.

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