Catholics and the dangers of New Age movement – the Experience of Father Kneemiller

Nowadays, it is not uncommon that Catholics feel themselves attracted to New Age Movement. They are sometimes, alas, even encouraged by their priests to do so. But what is the New Age Movement? Dr. Shea gives us the following explanation:

This so-called New Age movement is a cultural current that has engulfed the world today. There is therefore a pressing need for Catholics to understand authentic Catholic doctrine to properly assess New Age themes. New Age thought and practice is, like second and third century gnosticism, an assortment of positions that the Church has identified as contradicting the Catholic faith. […] A society which has undergone a breakdown of faith in the Christian tradition and in the unlimited process and progress of science and technology has now to confront the surprising return of gnosticism, a compendium of cosmic religiosity, rituals, and beliefs which had never really disappeared. Gnosticism has its origin in the pagan religions of Asia, Phoenicia, Egypt, Greece, and Babylon, and also in astrology and Greek Platonism. Its basic tenet is the doctrine of salvation through knowledge. The New Age movement claims to be able to acquire this knowledge in an esoteric way through such methods as dream analysis and through the medium of a “spiritual master.” (for more details click Here).


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