Dutch bishop: Amazon Synod’s ‘politically correct’ agenda ignores Christ

Robert Mutsaerts“If your heart really goes out to the Amazon, you tell the truth — namely, that it is Jesus Christ who saves. That’s the reason why you proclaim the unadulterated gospel. The call to repentance, and the promise of forgiveness associated with it, is that not the summary of the whole Bible? But the word “sin” did not cross anyone’s lips, so forgiveness and mercy didn’t, either. Yes, they did talk about it once — sin against Mother Earth. The environment is considered more important. This fits in perfectly with the core concepts of the new theology: integrated ecology, diversity, synodality, building bridges, global warming, new paths, change, and all that kind of nonsense.”

“Finally, I would like to mention this. How often do I hear that it’s all a matter of mercy? But I do not believe them. It is false mercy. We want to liberalize celibacy not in order to sanctify the priesthood, but to do away with a rule that requires holiness. They want to change the doctrine on homosexuality not because they want to be merciful toward the heavy burden of sin, but to say sin is no longer sin. They want to allow extra-marital sex not because they are positive about sexuality, but because they don’t want to recognize marriage (a man and a woman) as the only marriage covenant recognized by God. Be honest and stop pushing hidden agendas.”



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